Mezzanine Finance Provider

Mezzanine Finance Provider

A mezzanine finance provider can help fill the gap during financing that leverages equity, along with bank financing, during the commercial lending process.  The main duty of a mezzanine finance broker is to provide the maximum mezzanine loan amount to support the client.

The main market in finance is the mezzanine capital market. Some bank mezzanine lenders finance money to the investor but they deal with the long-term process.  The equity investor returns money when they see the increasing growth level in the market. Mezzanine finance work as a commercial broker between developer and investors. The structure of mezzanine financing can be constructed in different ways. Below are common structuring methods:

Partnership Interest

In mezzanine finance, this is the most important form of debt. It gives options to the mezzanine investor so that they take interest and borrows ownership.

Deed of Trust

This form of structuring is the most desirable form because of tangible security form. It allows foreclosing the property so that mezzanine lender can be borrowing payment. Basically, this type of providing security is very rare.

Cash flow

This structure gives the assignments to the mezzanine lender so they easily exchange the mezzanine loan and then the proceeding percentage can be increased. The cash flow notes can be including in records. Owner sacrificing many things while working with mezzanine financing provider in which include upside potential control and flexibility. The owner can pay the high price of using the mezzanine capital.


•    Lenders are deal in cash flow
•    Cheap finance
•    Flexible
•    Long term capital
•    Owner control


•    Expensive then bank
•    Include warranties
•    Increase amount when needed

Mezzanine Finance Provider

Today a very common source of capital funding is from a mezzanine finance providers. The mezzanine finance provider deals with finance but it come with high risk so keep that mind. With multiple financing sources there should include the senior source of money if something goes wrong there and the mezzanine lender is the only source which has to be paid.

With terms and regulation, mezzanine finance is a secure way to go about your funding requirements.A mezzanine finance provider plays a commercial broker role during the process in order to help secure the best mezzanine structure for your business. For additional information on how to secure mezzanine financing reach out to your Prime Fund provider today.

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