Our Process

Step One:

Submit Our Online Form

It’s easy to the begin the process. Reach out below and one of our financial experts will be with you shortly for a no cost, no obligation call. Unlike other commercial lending providers we do not charge anything unless we close the right deal for you.

Step Two:

Once you submit your information above we will be in touch typically within a few hours during regular business hours. We begin with discussing your financial objectives and offer the best opportunities available to you financially.

Step Three:

Initial Consultation

During our initial meeting we walk through your financial goals and determine the best strategy to take moving forward. Once we discuss your goals, financial model / business plan and agree on our financial strategy together we will submit our fee agreement to you. Once agreed to, we go to work for you on securing the best possible lending deal. Often times we’ll look to sign a NDA with you to further show our sign of commitment to you and your business. Once the logistics are in place and a plan agreed upon we work to process funding requirements through our nationwide partnership of 70+ financial institutions. You pay nothing to us unless we close a deal for you.