Understanding Commercial Lending Types

Understanding Commercial Lending Types

Commercial lending is a process through which some kind of financial assistance is provided to a business owner through the use of some financial institution. They are also considered as the most common process that can be utilized by the new business owners for the start-up of their business. Commercial finance loans provide a wide variety of different loan options to the people. These options can be selected according to the specific requirements.

Commercial Lending

A Commercial lending is a way of lending money or finances to establish different entities such as a business or some kind of partnership. It may involve the form of a revolving line of credit that can be used to handle and manage the operational costs of a business. Moreover, they can also be used to get an extension from the bank loans with a minimum or fixed rate of interest.

The process that is followed in a commercial lending is somewhat different than the process that is followed in other types of lending. The financial institutions who are providing commercial loans, usually focus on the cash flow and the assets that can be counted as the collateral. Getting a commercial lending is beneficial for a company or a business that is capable of showing the cash flow that is carried out within an organization. The purpose of providing Commercial finance loans is to assist the businesses so that they can fulfill their short-term financial needs. For example, this money can be used for the purchase of new equipment or in some cases, it can also be used to meet much more basic needs like the funding for payrolls.

Pros of Commercial Lending

Everything in this world has some pros and cons that are associated with them. Same is the case with commercial lending. If you are planning on getting a commercial loan for your business or for any other purpose, do consider the pros and cons this type of lending has.


  • With commercial lending, you can get the lowest interest rate which is impossible with other option. This lower rate of interest will help business owners in maintaining the finances of their business without worrying about the higher interest amounts they have to pay.
  • These loans are provided to the business owners for a much longer time span that allows them to pay it back with the use of increased business profits.
  • The reduction in the investment risks takes places due to the lower interest rate of these loans.
  • The commercial lending loans are provided in a large sum which means that they can be used to cover up the expenses of an organization in bulk. It may also cover the start-up cost of a business.
  • The best part about the commercial loans is that they are uncertain. You don’t have to provide any kind of collateral for getting this loan.
  • In the case of commercial lending, the ownership of your business remains with you.
  • With the predictable monthly payments, you will be able to manage the expenses of your organization and the amount of loan that is to be paid.

Types of Commercial Lending

There are different ways in which someone can get a commercial loan. However, these ways are divided into two main categories i.e. short term or long term.

Short-Term Commercial Lending

The short-term commercial loans include the following types:

1.      Lines of Credit:

It is a type of loan that allows you to draw the money up to the credit limit. Any organization may have a lot of payments that are made on daily basis. The amount of money that can be drawn may increase according to the terms and conditions of the agreement. The major purpose of lines of credit is to meet the basic financial needs in an organization.

2.      Accounts Receivable Loan

It is a type of commercial loan that is utilized in a case when the customers still have to complete the payment and you require the cash on urgent basis.

Commercial Lending

Long-term Commercial Lending

The long-term commercial loans are the ones that are provided with all at once and then they are required to be paid back within the specified amount of time. The time duration in which the borrower has to pay back the loan will depend on the policies of the agreement between two parties. Moreover, these long term commercial goals can be obtained with the help of a commercial broker who will make the process quite easier. The long term commercial loans include the following types:

1.      Vehicle or Equipment Loans

If you require a loan for the purpose of equipment like machinery, raw materials, computers, cars, vans, trucks or any other type of transportation for your business, you can apply for a commercial loan. The terms on which the loan will be paid back depends on the financial institution you are choosing for this purpose.

2.      Construction Loans

If you are planning to get to construct something, the expenses of labour, heavy machinery and other things can be covered in a single commercial loan. You can also incorporate the amount of land in it.

3.      Real Estate Loans

A commercial real estate loan can cover up all the expenses that are required for the purchase or construction of buildings. It will also include the buying of offices, construction of offices and other commercial building etc. The collateral in this type of loan can be the property acquired. For more security, the mezzanine loan can also be acquired to ensure safeguard in case of default.

4.      Subdivision Development Loan

Other long-term commercial loans include the loans for subdivision development. Usually, the time duration that is provided for the subdivision is up to 18 months. After that, the selling needs to be started.

No matter if you are starting up a new business or already has an established one, you need financial assistance at some point to maintain a proper growth pattern in your organization. For that purpose, commercial lending will be the safest option.

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